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Catherine Richard

I’m a missionary with College Missions Company, dedicated to organizing and leading life-changing mission trips to Gallup, NM. Our mission is to provide affordable opportunities for college students to experience the transformative power of service, while strengthening their faith. I am thrilled to serve full-time in this role, working in development, communications, programming, and, most importantly, investing in college students.

My Story

The Beginning


Born and raised in Lafayette, LA, I received a faith-filled upbringing while attending Catholic school. My first mission experience took me to Gallup during my senior year of high school, an experience known for its capacity to change lives. Witnessing the dire poverty in our country and within our own Church deeply impacted me. This experience ignited a strong desire for service and evangelization. I had heard the Gospel's call to "Go out," and I knew my response had to be, "Here I am, send me!"


My College Missions Co. Journey 

Shortly before starting college, I received an unexpected opportunity to return to Gallup through College Missions Co. (CMC). The door opened miraculously, and this mission proved to be the life-altering experience I had yearned for. I met remarkable people who radiated joy, freedom, and a boldness in their devotion to the Lord. Their infectious spirit was an inspiration for how we could live our lives every day, no matter where we were. This zeal for life was not confined to any specific location; they could thrive in any circumstance. We understood that our mission wasn't solely about addressing material needs but, more profoundly, about offering a beacon of hope and companionship in the face of real suffering.


Upon returning home, I was grateful to continue my journey of faith and friendship with the fellow missionaries. In 2021, I joined the CMC staff, adapting to continue our mission during the challenging times of the pandemic. While travel and missions were limited, we remained connected to CMC through Bible studies, local service initiatives, and weekend retreats.

In 2023 we were able to return confidently to New Mexico. After graduating college in May, I eagerly served as a summer mission leader. We hosted multiple mission trips and welcomed 35 missionaries. It was a privilege to witness the incredible transformations these students underwent, as they connected with one another, the people of Gallup, the impoverished, and most importantly, with Christ.




My encounters with both the materially and spiritually poor opened my eyes to see my own limitations and the inadequacy of material possessions to fulfill my deepest desires. I felt the Lord's call to serve not only the materially poor but also the spiritually impoverished, and to extend the invitation for others to experience His boundless love. Today, I am blessed to serve as a full-time missionary for college students, empowering them to serve and uplift the lives of the less fortunate in our country.



Your Impact

With great joy, I can say that my cup is truly overflowing! It is an honor to share my gifts and passions as a College Missions missionary. I am aware that I do not stand alone on this mission, and I need support to continue this life-changing work:


1. Prayer -  Our mission is rooted in faith, and without prayer and a strong connection to the Lord, all our efforts would be in vain.  I humbly ask your prayers for me, the individuals I serve, and those who walk this path with me.


2. Financial Support - To fulfill my calling as a missionary, I rely on the spiritual and financial support of Mission Partners. It is through the generosity of dedicated Mission Partners that this mission becomes possible. I extend an invitation for you to join my financial support team and become a vital part of this transformative mission. If you feel called to join, please reach out to me. I would be delighted to arrange an appointment with you to provide more details about CMC's mission. You can contact me at or give me a call.

3. Recommendations - Your participation in this mission is an opportunity for me to share the profound experiences of God's greatness with you. I cherish connecting with people and would be honored to connect with others who may be interested in becoming Mission Partners through prayer, financial support, or in other ways. If you know of individuals who might want to join this mission, either as a Mission Partner or also a college student who could benefit from engaging with CMC's mission, please do not hesitate to reach out. I would be thrilled to speak to them.

 Support Catherine

Your support makes a world of difference in my life, the lives of countless students, and of those in need. 

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