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Ladies, Do Want to Take Advantage of an Amazing Opportunity to Discern your Vocation?


“I’ll never forget the warm and joyful welcome we received,” recounts Janson Delaney with great excitement. “When our group from College Missions arrived at the Little Sisters of the Poor for a service experience in Gallup, New Mexico, all of the Sisters came out to meet and welcome us. There was so much joy! It was one of the main highlights of my summer, and it’s a memory that will always stay with me.”

In addition to hosting college mission trip groups, the Little Sisters invite single Catholic young women to come and experience for themselves this same spirit of hospitality as the latter discern their vocation. The Little Sisters are always delighted to welcome to their Homes young women who have a special love for Jesus and a heart for service, and who are seeking the Lord’s awesome plan for their lives.

Single Catholic young ladies, consider it! A weekend of prayer and service with the Little Sisters, a mission trip, a discernment retreat, a prayer and service live-in experience during summers or other school breaks (with a stipend/paycheck provided for service of six weeks or longer), personal vocation accompaniment… Serving on five continents, the Little Sisters of the Poor can be found at 27 different locations in the United States. Check them out at

Contact the Little Sisters at to join their e-mail list for discernment events, or to request personal vocation accompaniment. Experience for yourself this amazing spirit of joyful hospitality. You’ll be glad you did!

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