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Around the Table with Alaska Mission Leaders

As we make the final preparations for our missions this summer, we want to introduce to you some of the missionaries who have stepped up this year to take on leadership roles on the trips. After each mission trip, we ask the missionaries if they would consider returning as leaders to lend their experience to new missionaries. Without fail, these young adults will joyfully respond to the call, showing us how the Holy Spirit truly moves in those who receive Him. This year, there are several people returning to Alaska and three of them have stepped up to take on a leadership role amongst their missionaries. Below, we asked Dylan, Maggie, and Ali some questions about their experience in Alaska and what they are looking forward to this year. They served together in 2017 for two weeks in Alakanuk, Alaska, as their first mission trip. Please keep these missionaries and their trips this summer in your prayers!


Dylan is currently a Secondary Social Studies Education major at UL.

This summer he will serve for two weeks in Kotlik, Alaska.

Maggie is a Social Studies Education major at UL.

She will serve for two weeks in Mountain Village, Alaska this summer.

Ali graduated from UL this past fall with a degree in General Studies.

She will serve for two weeks in Mountain Village, Alaska.


1. Why did you choose the Alaska mission trip last year?

Dylan: I was pressured into going to Alaska by a friend, so I actually didn’t want to go. Now that I’ve gone, it was the best decision I have ever made. I made some great friends, great memories, grew closer to Jesus and started to grow deeper in my prayer life.

2. What was your biggest fear about going on mission? How was that fear overcome?

Maggie: My biggest fear for going on mission was that I wouldn't be enough for the people we were serving. However, what I learned while being on mission is that we shouldn't fear being inadequate. Christ, if we are open to His work, will make us instruments of His love. He is the one who ultimately was serving through us.