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Celebrating the Triduum and Easter at Home

Hi friends!

It is the beginning of Triduum, the three days that bring us through the Lord's Passion and prepare us for celebrating the Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Although we are all cloistered in our own homes for now, and not able to worship in our churches as we normally do, there are still great ways to practice a "liturgy" within our homes, with our families and roommates. The word liturgy means "work of the people" and there are ways of observing a liturgy at home especially for Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday. Below, you will find these prayer services that have been put together by dioceses to help the lay faithful prayerfully participate in this sacred time of the year. It can also help us prepare to interiorly receive the graces of Easter Sunday, namely the joy of the Resurrection. Easter might not feel externally different from any other day right now, but it is our most sacred day as Christians and the Lord desires to give us many graces just like any other year. We can observe these next few days and be attentive to Jesus who is always close to us.

We invite you to use these resources below in your own homes, whether you are with family or roommates. These would be different and separate than viewing a mass online, and weknow that many churches have made that possible too.

We hope that you all have a safe and peaceful Easter, and know that you are in our prayers. God bless!

- College Missions Company staff

Click on the day below for the Order of Worship:

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